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All of our financial data will be collected and protected by our third party provider Square.


To protect Square account holders and their customers, all information our customers submit is encrypted to our servers, regardless of whether you're using a public or private WiFi connection or a data service on your phone (such as 3G, 4G or EDGE). Square complies with all required PCI standards. As per our Seller Agreement, Security Policy and Privacy Policy, we will never sell information to third party vendors.


Square protects its systems with industry-leading technology and security controls, including:


  • Square performs data encryption within the card reader at the moment of swipe.
  • Square’s software is developed using industry-standard security best practices.
  • Square’s servers are monitored around the clock by dedicated security staff.
  • Square’s employees act in accordance with security policies designed to keep your data safe.
  • Since Square itself is PCI compliant, we don't require account holders to validate PCI compliance. Merchants who use Square for all storage, processing, and transmission of payment card data do not need to validate PCI compliance for those transactions.


Feel free to contact our Privacy Department with any questions or concerns regarding our policy.


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